Today the way we work, where we work and how we think about careers is undergoing a massive transformation. As the Gig economy continues to grow, as employee turnover continues to rise, and as the average life of a company continues to shrink, there are massive consequences to the work economy. While most of the media focuses on how AI and Robots will eliminate millions of jobs, the untold story is what a “career” means is changing. More and more workers are changing jobs faster than ever AND more and more professionals are making big career pivots than ever before. In this engaging keynote – Kate will review the significant changes taking place in the world of work and what it means to us as professionals, leaders and organizations. This session will inspire new ideas and new ways of thinking for both professionals and organizations and offer ideas and suggestions on how to optimize for success in the future.

Attendees Gain:

▪  Deep insights into what’s coming next in the new world of work for HR leaders at all levels.

▪  Unique perspectives on the macro drivers of change and a deep understanding of how employees attitudes and behaviours are evolving. Practical and actionable tips and techniques that can immediately impact business today