As a Futurist, my expertise lies in showing an informed glimpse of where things are headed for those in leadership in a post-COVID19 world, and giving direction and perspective on what current trends and insights hold for the future in general.

The Future WorkTech Forum 2020 was held on November 25-26 as a virtual conference highlighting social developments, digital business, consumer behaviours and emerging technologies that will impact people and workplaces over the next decade.

I had the opportunity to host a keynote on the Future of Workforce and Digital Transformation. It was a timely opportunity as we begin to emerge from a global pandemic and into the new 2021 year.

During this keynote, I spoke about an increased connectedness arising from social media and how it will impact our ability to reach out to our leaders and decision-makers directly; how artificial intelligence will influence what will become a mixed reality world driven by data; and how moving away from traditional industries will create a digital skills revolution.

Perhaps most importantly however, is how future leaders and leadership, will evolve to support and drive these changes. From re-skilling current workforces to nurturing soft skills such as critical thinking and analysis, problem-solving, social influence and emotional intelligence, leaders are key in preparing organisations to become workplaces that are future-ready.

With these factors in mind, I wanted to share with you the most important advice I could give from my keynote in this 9-minute video that identifies the two main qualities in leaders that will ensure success within organisations that are future-lead and future-paced.

Following what has been an unexpected and challenging year, I’ve also included a summary of the way forward post-COVID19 and a brief Q&A from the forum.

If at the end, you have questions of your own or would like to discuss how I can work with your board or organisation to advise on Future of Work strategies or run a Virtual Workshop, please contact me.