Dr Kate Barker's Story

As a renowned Chief Future of Work Officer with over 30 years of experience, Dr Kate Barker is a global consulting expert on ‘Future of Work, board advisor and highly regarded international keynote speaker on leadership development, talent management and an Executive Coach to CEO’s and management teams worldwide.

Working cross-continent for over three decades, Dr Kate Barker provides global consultancy advice and delivers keynote addresses on technology disruption, innovative learning strategies, women in leadership, inclusive cultures and workforce transformation at HR, Technology & Leadership conferences, and executive roundtable events across the world. Dr Kate Barker’s message is practical, inspiring, and proven.

Focusing on trends that impact the future of work, Dr Kate Barker consults to Boards and Executive Teams across New York, London, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Japan, and UAE in both the private and public sector.

As a qualified Board advisor, Future of Work expert, Executive Coach and Senior Advisor, Dr Kate Barker enables her clients to work confidently, and competitively while striving to minimise risks – essential characteristics for the future of the modern workplace, and to drive organisational resilience and innovation with diversity, equity, and inclusion at the heart.

Dr Kate Barker’s success is built on sharing practical insight to help your organisation work smarter in the digital world of work. With meaningful and actionable insights, Dr Kate Barker can help your organisation plan for a competitive and sustainable future.

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If you are looking for an expert on the topic of Future of Work, digital transformation, forming leaders for the future, diversity, inclusion and gender equality, Kate Barker brings 3 decades of global experience with leading organisations and top-tier qualifications alongside a C-Suite career that has worked alongside multinational organisations, Government leaders and Royalty across the world.
Dr Kate Barker has a proven track record of changing workplaces globally and relaying her expertise in a relatable fashion. If you are trying to design digital people strategies or inspire your leaders to culture a culture fit for the new digital era, Dr Kate Barker will not only hand you the tools but inspire to build your unique workplace.

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